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Early Scope invites people from all the spheres of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). What makes Early Scope unique is that it has spaces defined to initiate interactions across policy makers, practitioners, academicians, researchers, professionals, parents and ultimately the children themselves.  All the content is visible to the visitors of the website, however leaving a comment or sharing of articles is restricted to Early Scope Members only.

Our initiative is to create an e-space, use it as a knowledge hub, and initiate discussions on issues focusing on Early Childhood Care and Education. The key highlights of the sections of the portal include Discussion Forum, Education, Early Care, Children, Research, News, Events and Resources. Each section has a specific blog where focused discussions can be carried out.

Early Scope Experts are the pioneers who have made significant contributions in the development of ECCE programs and policies across the world. The discussions they initiate enhance an understanding of ECCE among all stakeholders and opens doors to various perspectives. The forum can be also used to jointly advocate for policies that promote high quality services for children (under the age of 8 years) and their families.

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