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Early Scope Vlog - Dr. Asha Singh

“Programs like Sesame Street and Nickelodeon were able to say that children can learn literacy. There are thousands of people through research who say that they learnt English language through Sesame Street as children. So T.V. can have an impact in being multi lingual, some amount of language literacy from other languages, some key words which helped make for a better world.”, says Dr. Asha Singh.

 Dr. Asha Singh is an Associate Professor with Lady Irwin College and is a Specialist in Theatre in Education. In this video blog, she talks about certain issues pertaining in children as young as 6 years. Emphasizing on the importance of play during early childhood years, Dr. Singh says that with every action the child is intending to explore, experiment, see and experience. Play is an integral part of early childhood and the child is continuously experimenting and experiencing something new through it. Talking about children growing up amidst media, she says that parents should practice ‘co-viewing’ which is watch what they are watching, along with them. It is also important to channelize the media content for the child and help them in meaning making. Talking about the appropriateness of online games, she says that in this era of gizmos and gadgets, children have nearly forgotten being close to nature. Even though cyber space has many opportunities, the child should be made aware of the joys of outdoor plays.