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Brain Development A Day In a Model Anganwadi Centre in West Bengal
» Building the Brain's Air traffic control System (PDF)
» Understanding Brain Development in Young Children (PDF)
» Understanding Young Children (PDF)
» The Science of Early Childhood Development (PDF)
» Timing Quality Early Ecperiences (PDF)

School Readiness

» OHS Approach to School Readiness Early learning framework (PDF)
» UNICEF - School Readiness (PDF)
» How Writing Develops (MS Word)
» Reading and Writing Continuums (PDF)


» Play as a Medium of Learning (PPT)

ECE Activities by an expert, Ms.Savitri Singh in a Model Anganwadi centre West Bengal

» Magnet Experiment (EWTC) (WATCH VIDEO)
» Outdoor Ball Games EWTC (WATCH VIDEO)
» Outdoor Physical Activity EWTC (WATCH VIDEO)
» Science Experiment Water (EWTC) (WATCH VIDEO)
» Singing Activity (EWTC) (WATCH VIDEO)
» Singing Activity 2 EWTC (WATCH VIDEO)
» Sound Identification Exercise EWTC (WATCH VIDEO)
» Story Telling EWTC (WATCH VIDEO)
» Story Telling through pictures EWTC (WATCH VIDEO)
» Morning Prayer (WATCH VIDEO)
» Roll Cal (WATCH VIDEO)
» Day and Date introduction to children (WATCH VIDEO)
» Guided Conversation (Durga Puja) (WATCH VIDEO)
» Rhymes (WATCH VIDEO)
» Free & Guided Play (WATCH VIDEO)
» Learning Numbers through outdoor play (WATCH VIDEO)
» Outdoor Play (WATCH VIDEO)
» Outdoor Storytelling (WATCH VIDEO)
» Rhymes with Actions (WATCH VIDEO)
» Object Letter Matching (Phonics (WATCH VIDEO)

School Readiness -Vikramshila Education Resource Society, West Bengal

» Story Telling By a Child (WATCH VIDEO)
» Zero Activity (WATCH VIDEO)
» Spindle Box (WATCH VIDEO)
» Sound Letter Reinforcement (WATCH VIDEO)
» Science Experiment (WATCH VIDEO)
» Pre Number Concept (WATCH VIDEO)